Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some little girls just loooove their 11 1/2 inch Dolls (whose name I dare not mention...)

My Princess turned 5 and she knew what she wanted::::
doll furniture! fluffy party dresses!


using ribbons saves on the seam finishes.
If any grammas, moms or nannies or whoever out there
 want to learn to sew on tiny things 
that take almost NO TIME, call me.
    Let's get a few friends together, (BYOB) and sew for a few hours and take home 10 or 15 little tiny outfits.
 I'm the queen of  near-instant gratification. 
That's the whole "costumer" thing.
Sure, I can make anything you want.
(especially if it will only be seen from 30 feet away) 
But it costs more if I have to be careful and pretty and precise. 
But always sturdy because I've done a lot of dancers 
(they're the worst! always stretching! and leaping and rolling around on the floor!)
and the actors at the Renaissance Fairs. If you are wearing an outfit for 3 days straight, every weekend, for 8 weeks, in SUMMER! yes it will be strong enough to withstand your NEED to wash it several times. Did a rental for the entire summer of Ren Faire and when I got the costume back it still smelled like Roy, the actor.  For weeks afterwards I would walk into the costume closet and think, "Roy is in here!"  Then I would wash the costume again. and again. not that he smelled BAD, just very ROY-ish...

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