Thursday, November 21, 2013

NEW RAKU-FIRED JEWELRY actually finished!!

FINALLY some finished raku-fired wearable art!Lots of these at the Pop-Up Christmas Boutique at The BLUE HERON GALLERY
 in Port Washington Wisconsin
and some you just have to e-mail me, call me or find me at an art fair somewhere.

Gorgeous horizontal raku piece necklace with cool rayon(SHINY!!) chain and hand-dyed rayon ribbon.

Super ugly background for a piece that's incredibly badly lit.
 On leather, so adjustable to whatever length matches your shirt.

SOOO COPPERY!!! On wrapped and knotted
silk with dangles of big heat-treated coral beads and crystals
and carnelian and iridescent glass.

Been thinking about this since the july firing!
Two layer ring!

As above. Copper raku polka dots,
on smoked clay, with
Czech crystals, &
copper mesh for around your finger.

PLEASE ignore the horrible background.
Simple ring, for shy people.

Horizontal bit of clay. Not enough
horizontal necklaces in the world.

Blurry, sorry.
Cups with crystals and sequins inside.

Same, it moves!

Double layered, smooth edges.

BIG RECTANGULAR RING. Crystals galore.

The side view of the following:

See? Not sooo big. Pretty czech crystals and glass beads.
 {don't ask me to spell out chzeckoslovackian.}

Not huge, but interesting.

...and the side...

...and different lighting, see the beads
are held on with leather, entrapped
 by the wire coming thru the holes in the clay...

MY FAV. Wearing. Maybe never selling this 'un.
Total brass knuckle-y.
 Do NOT mess with me.

Four cairns of cool and shiny.

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