Sunday, November 3, 2013

september raku results GORGE!

anywho, claim this if you want them to bead 
or for me to bead for you...
soon to be big honkin' rings, unless someone else
 wants one to bead around

and the backs, curved to fit you, and flash
 attractively when gesticulating wildly

I'm thinking finger rings although someone in the Loose Bead Society was thinking necklace when she bought 7.

sides and backs of some vertical
 pendants, ready to bead


backs of pouches in sun

backs of pouches in shade
fronts of pouches in sun

blindingly bright pendant parts, backs

blindingly bright pendant parts, fronts

buttons for the seamstresses. for the wall.
 above your sewing machines.

a few have great backs and are reversible

backs again, or fronts if you so desire...

fronts again. choose wisely my friends.

fresh out of the kiln, unscrubbed, but gorgeous!
again, the verticals

and again

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