Saturday, October 27, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Red Riding Hood

Sweet Maeve shows off the Red Riding Hood cape.  
Fun for playtime, storytime, or taking a walk to the forest, 
everyone needs a nice red cape.

Haute Fairy

"Booty fairy" hanging out.  Complete with wings, top & skirt, magic flower wand, small flowers for short hair, or big fluffy head garland for longer hair.  Why, you may ask, is she called the "booty fairy"?  Well, the skirt ended up a bit shorter than we had planned, or perhaps Beatrix grew a little taller during the fitting process.  Of course I still have extra fabric, can be customized to suit.  Available for  sale or rental.  Color is a lovely mauve-not this hot pink and not the dull pink below.

Pirate Girl Costume

Pirate girl, photo by
Sweet Maeve showing us the pirate girl with its head scarf and extra skirt to tie around the waist.

Welcome!! Who would you like to be today???

Gypsy girl with photo by 
Sweet Maeve modeling a shirt with skirt attached, fat blue suede belt, a scarf for the head, one for the waist. All you need is a big pile of jewelry!!!