Monday, November 25, 2013

Tree House for Unicorn & Tiny Fairies

'Finished' photos later... 
these are the half done, pause for thinking...
unicorn needs a bed and blankie,fairy needs a mermaid costume...

Fairies sleep in sweet pea pods. clothing parts in wall pouches,
 but wings stick to hook & loop,
because you don't want to fold them up into your sleep pod.


Backpack for gathering food out in the forest, cloaks hook on wall for storage.

Straw for unicorn to eat, sparkle bed for fabulousness...

every one needs a sparkley cape...

Winter cloaks are rainproof and snow proof and warm!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

NEW RAKU-FIRED JEWELRY actually finished!!

FINALLY some finished raku-fired wearable art!Lots of these at the Pop-Up Christmas Boutique at The BLUE HERON GALLERY
 in Port Washington Wisconsin
and some you just have to e-mail me, call me or find me at an art fair somewhere.

Gorgeous horizontal raku piece necklace with cool rayon(SHINY!!) chain and hand-dyed rayon ribbon.

Super ugly background for a piece that's incredibly badly lit.
 On leather, so adjustable to whatever length matches your shirt.

SOOO COPPERY!!! On wrapped and knotted
silk with dangles of big heat-treated coral beads and crystals
and carnelian and iridescent glass.

Been thinking about this since the july firing!
Two layer ring!

As above. Copper raku polka dots,
on smoked clay, with
Czech crystals, &
copper mesh for around your finger.

PLEASE ignore the horrible background.
Simple ring, for shy people.

Horizontal bit of clay. Not enough
horizontal necklaces in the world.

Blurry, sorry.
Cups with crystals and sequins inside.

Same, it moves!

Double layered, smooth edges.

BIG RECTANGULAR RING. Crystals galore.

The side view of the following:

See? Not sooo big. Pretty czech crystals and glass beads.
 {don't ask me to spell out chzeckoslovackian.}

Not huge, but interesting.

...and the side...

...and different lighting, see the beads
are held on with leather, entrapped
 by the wire coming thru the holes in the clay...

MY FAV. Wearing. Maybe never selling this 'un.
Total brass knuckle-y.
 Do NOT mess with me.

Four cairns of cool and shiny.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some little girls just loooove their 11 1/2 inch Dolls (whose name I dare not mention...)

My Princess turned 5 and she knew what she wanted::::
doll furniture! fluffy party dresses!


using ribbons saves on the seam finishes.
If any grammas, moms or nannies or whoever out there
 want to learn to sew on tiny things 
that take almost NO TIME, call me.
    Let's get a few friends together, (BYOB) and sew for a few hours and take home 10 or 15 little tiny outfits.
 I'm the queen of  near-instant gratification. 
That's the whole "costumer" thing.
Sure, I can make anything you want.
(especially if it will only be seen from 30 feet away) 
But it costs more if I have to be careful and pretty and precise. 
But always sturdy because I've done a lot of dancers 
(they're the worst! always stretching! and leaping and rolling around on the floor!)
and the actors at the Renaissance Fairs. If you are wearing an outfit for 3 days straight, every weekend, for 8 weeks, in SUMMER! yes it will be strong enough to withstand your NEED to wash it several times. Did a rental for the entire summer of Ren Faire and when I got the costume back it still smelled like Roy, the actor.  For weeks afterwards I would walk into the costume closet and think, "Roy is in here!"  Then I would wash the costume again. and again. not that he smelled BAD, just very ROY-ish...

EZ Learn-to-Sew Doll Clothing & Accessories

If you have one of my FUN FLEECE 
for 18" Dolls
here's how to get started in pictures. 
You have instructions in the kit, but pictures are better.
First, pick up what you are going to sew. 
Decide which side of the fabric is nicer, and fold it to the INSIDE. 
You will be holding it with the hand you DON'T write with. 
(I couldn't take pictures and hold the fabric at the same time. HA!)
Cut a thread as long as your arm.
Put one end through the needle's EYE.
Pull through 6 inches or so so it's easier to hang on to.

Make a knot at the other end of the thread
 by making a loop
 and taking the needle through it once,
 then do it again, IN THE SAME PLACE,
 until you have a knot big enough
to not go through the fabric.
Hold the needle with your writing hand,
go through the fabric at the seam line
 starting at the end closest to your needle hand.
If you are left-handed, look at this picture in a mirror. 

 Start going up and down through both fabrics. This is a SEAM.
(Just like on your clothes. You can see threads on the inside,
 but not the outside.)

When you get to where my straight edge cut ends
 you are done! You need to make a loop...

...which will be the knot after you take the needle
through it twice and pull it tight each time.
You can make extra knots in the SEAM
if you want it to be extra sturdy.
Finished. Look at the RIGHT side
 and see if you can see threads.
If so, do it again with closer stitches.
If you have problems call me
or come over and I'll show you .
Vest is just 2 short shoulder seams.

Noodle head hat done, noodled.

Yellow hat, orange vest, red skirt, oops.
That's funny if you know the book... 

Yellow hat, orange vest, red skirt, fun scarf.

Next time you make the noodle head hat
you could make it super long.

...and braid it... it looks like Rapunzel's hair...

Halloween 2013

Very convincing pirate dude... 

Brass rhino as treasure? or weapon?

You can sit in the adult shark! But don't drive in it.
 It looks like water around you
 and the shark jumping up through the water!

If you want to cover your face in blood and
look like you've been chewed on a bit, that'd be fun...

The Rain Cloud costume---really just a hat and a cloak and a mask and gloves--wear your party finery underneath. Make a grand entrance then ditch the costume.
Some people just aren't costume people, I understand.

When you wear the Rain Cloud you can wrap your head with the scarves, and wear the silver linings mask.
Wear the gloves.  This is the Venetian style--no one could know who you are and you can get away with lots of naughty tricks.

Link. Missing Link. 

The eyes sit on top of your head,
and you can breathe through the mesh.

Link's mouth has a lovely forked tongue
& 2 colors of teeth.
He fits an 7 to 10 year old kid.
You get striped arms and legs,
brilliant orange fuzzy ankles
and webbed finger-hand-flippers.