Wednesday, January 21, 2015



....cutiepie only likes the girly stuff...


GUTSY GIRLS! Just checking out how they would look if they took up this career choice...

She actually remembers Milli Vanilli!

What? Blue-haired girl looking beyond sweet! can't I upload more than 5 at a time?

haha CHANGE OF PACE!!! not at all what these girls look like normally!
are there germs in this?
HAHAHA not matching but way fun!
Fish face hell's angel??

play more funny sidewalk sale



Tough boys can be cute,
 ready for Munchkinland!
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...we welcome you to munchkinland! serious!!!

This cutie pie too shy...

Ready to sumo! TOUGH!

Serious clown!


Brassy, more on this below.
I call this a ladder structure, just a little different than the usual pendant. Lovely Mexican marble, glass, pearls, volcano rock, pewter.

So, sometimes I gather everything the right color and spirit when making jewelry, and then I just can't stop attaching things, has that ever happened to you? Like you think you are making lasagne and suddenly there are 12 vegetables in there and 4 cheeses? Yummy brassy and carnelian and mother of pearl and quartz and brass and tiger's eye and everything but the kitchen sink. If you want half of this, well, yes, I have that too.
LOVE THIS! Could be from the early iron age. Simple fish hook with a brass ring dotted with droplets, with a hollow pewter bead holding on a handmade brown glass bead dote with blue, on top of a tube of pewter being held up by a freshwater pearl, on a copper headpin. Wear with any of these metals.

awww, some more great models from sidewalk sale!

Wigs are so hard to wear!

the whole family tree quilt-yes more details.

SO! The tree represents the baby, and is composed of three fabrics, one shiny metallic tree fabric, one fuzzy tree fabric, one Batik from Thailand with waves of color swooshing around, looking ver much like bark. I wanted something from his hemisphere, since he's living in Singapore. All humans have a few different parts to their make-up and we don't want work or leisure activities overtaking family.

Sleepy owl, needs to be tucked into his little hole for night night time.

sidewalk sale hilarity!

hahahaha sidewalksale funny dressup

hahahaha King Napolean Dynamite and ummm his brother???

yeah, that's my shadow in the glasses! why can't we wear fun costumes all the time!
hahaha one silly hat and your whole personality changes! you can't be shy in this!!!

King Napoleon Dynamite

ummm, way cuter! pretty as a picture hat!