Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Halloween 2013

Very convincing pirate dude... 

Brass rhino as treasure? or weapon?

You can sit in the adult shark! But don't drive in it.
 It looks like water around you
 and the shark jumping up through the water!

If you want to cover your face in blood and
look like you've been chewed on a bit, that'd be fun...

The Rain Cloud costume---really just a hat and a cloak and a mask and gloves--wear your party finery underneath. Make a grand entrance then ditch the costume.
Some people just aren't costume people, I understand.

When you wear the Rain Cloud you can wrap your head with the scarves, and wear the silver linings mask.
Wear the gloves.  This is the Venetian style--no one could know who you are and you can get away with lots of naughty tricks.

Link. Missing Link. 

The eyes sit on top of your head,
and you can breathe through the mesh.

Link's mouth has a lovely forked tongue
& 2 colors of teeth.
He fits an 7 to 10 year old kid.
You get striped arms and legs,
brilliant orange fuzzy ankles
and webbed finger-hand-flippers.

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