Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July Raku Firing featuring FLAMES & SMOKE

boring glazed pieces:::

red-hot pot!!

the cage getting hot!

ahhh!! the copper!!

color change--same place, same time, different flash

oooh shiny!

why hey, buttons are great game pieces!

big solid chunks are the kings, big with holes are queens,
 cones are bishops, the previous checkers are pawns

the before...just a reminder...

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Jewelry!

ok. I got carried away. whole lot of
stuff going on here. the big gently
 curved raku piece is the color of
 those burgundy pearls on the
 bottom and the pink pearls on the
 top. the red-gold-green iridescent
 ribbon and crystals are just soooo
pleasing. plus the texture of
the black raw side of the raku
piece repeated in the basalt beads
is THE biggest contrast to
 the smoothness of the pearls... 

My favorite!! funky greens from avocado to sage to lemon-green.
 Silk ribbon and pearls
 support a 2" square raku-fired pendant with a gorgeous red-green-gold iridescent glaze.
Thanks to KAREN
 in Sussex, WI 
for the insanely fabulous glazes on all my fun raku-ed ingredients.
Czech crystals, sequins, pressed glass, adventurine, & seed beads
 all in this fab necklace. 

MMMmmm, red-gold-coppery chunks of yumminess!

FUNKY GREENS!! This raku bracelet has this sweet
rayon ribbon with a tiny brown edge that wraps around
 your wrist and so you pull the big hand-blown green glass
 bead to tighten, and the bead just dangles attractively,
 enticing comment.

so, like, i totally had to use this photo to
 show the difference of colors from just a slight change of lighting

Serious. Look at the hilarious color
 changes in this short pendant from
 the last pic to this.
 Crazy greeny-grey greens.

This is me trying to be 'simple' with three
 co-ordinating raku fragments designed to hang

 nicely, vertically, diminishingly, but needing
more 3-D morsels to finish the composition.

Oh, my goodness, but the colors have changed!

Simple 'slider' bracelet with nice rough-to-smooth ratio.

...and the back, thereof.  Reversible, therefore.

THIS is why I love raku. One glaze, too many colors to name.
Pendant, on a sliding adjustable leather cord.

for the people who don't want to stand out in a crowd,
 ribbon and cord,  holding a mother-of-pearl donut,
 with glass pearl, brass and heat-treated coral suspended therefrom.

SIMPLE! FINALLY! Grey and purple marble
 with pewter be-bobs on a fiber cords necklace.

OOOOH! Loving on that big ol'  heavy chunk o' rock there!
Added some adventurine, glass, water buffalo horn, goldstone,
 rutilated quartz, lemon citrine, & marble
all on a double copper chain. 

Just gotta love all that crazy action on this sweet cut segment of rock! All in grey with a little rust, with lead-free pewter and rutilated quartz and finishing with a 4mm sphere of moonstone.

Handmade glass, water buffalo horn, quartz, lead-free pewter, copper,lemon quartz, mother-of-pearl, enameled acrylic, coppered pewter, brass.

Marble, shell, glass, pewter, moonstone, on an adjustable leather 'slider'.

Marble and glass on a 'slider'.

Grey marble and pewter
 danglin' of'n'a dyed
mother-of-pearl donut,
 danglin' of'n' a
ribbon and fiber cord.

rutilated quartz, marble, and hematite on a natural leather 'slider'


quartz daggers with a iridescent multi-blue finish, as a cluster with pewter, moonstone, biwa pearls,
 and czech crystal

m-o-p, pewter, crystals and a moonstone

hematite, marble, brass and blackstone

fresh chunk o' fun here,
with "sea glass*" and brass, on a slider
 (yeah, *they are manufacturing sea glass now. huhmphf*)