Saturday, December 29, 2012

Raku Jewelry

 Well, now.  When I have a chance I love to make raku  beads. The class I took in Santa Fe was sooo fun because it was a wine and cheese firing, which is completely safe when you are pulling hot beads and vessels from a 1200 degree Fahrenheit kiln with a three foot long tongs! Even with a heavy leather apron your sticky-outy-bits can get noticeably hot.
Then you throw them very quickly into a metal garbage can filled with combustible materials (which flame up immediately) and cover then with more flammable material and when fullish, slap on the lid (which may or MAY NOT contain the flames) then cover with a wet towel, so the smoke doesn't overwhelm you.
When they cool and you take them out and scrub the char off, you should find insanely amazing iridescent colors, which you probably can't see in these photos.
You can see a bit of the color change in the bottom of this piece from left to right--green and purples to blues. I love using pearls and sheer ribbons, semi-precious gems and "found objects".  This necklace now showcased at Angevine Custom Jewelry on 6th ave in Denver
where William the genius can create anything you desire.
My favorite color--freaky green with some glass beads, crystals & pearls on silk string.  Very dainty.  Also at Anjevine Custom Jewelry.
 A leather slider with some glass beads in the cool blue shining into purple.

Friday, December 28, 2012

BB Chew-ons

These are bb scream monsters, because babies scream. They are a good baby shower gift, so mommas and daddies learn early what their sweet little baby is going to look like part of the time... Happy screams, angry screams, sad screams are all possible...
More bb things--lions and sheepie and mousey. Lots of ribbon tags on which babies may suck. Hang on the stroller, etc.  E- if you are interested.

Mardi Gras Cows

one of the cows for Chik Fil A for the St Patrick's Day Parade in Denver a few years ago when the theme was Mardi Gras. (oh, so many things to ignore in this shot!!! crowded bookshelves! dial tv!)
yes, the cows could see out... 
 and another...I can costume anyone...
Happy Mardi Gras! Happy St Paddy's Day!!

princess chick

 hold the baby with one hand, take the picture with the other...
my baby princess in her first halloween costume,
baby chick.
feathers can be removed for children who may be allergic.
gotta love the feathers... 
i must have the remote... 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 Here are some sweet cozy pillows for cuddling. 

Sunny has heart shaped lips and is pompommed & tie dyed.
Stripey Sun is happy and sweet. 
Stripey Lion has fun fur and whiskers. 
Fuzzy Lion has a supersoft face and a tiny tongue, because that's how you make friends with kitties--let them smell you and lick you. 
 You know how some days you feel like going back to bed?  That's the cloudy, sad, rainy side below.  On a nice happy day, this sun is on your side.   Good start to a conversation about emotions with your little one.

Fall Fairy

 Brilliant oranges, reds, greens and metallic golds make this a perfectly outstanding fall fairy. Girls size 8ish or 10ish.

Bubble skirted dress has 3 tiers of shiny sheer bubbles of flowers and leaves. Arrange the loose fluff to where you need it for photos...

Back is fabulous, too, in case
you need a shot from the back.
 Below are head pieces or arm 
ties, or bracelets or whatever
you think you would do with 
them as a fairy to decorate

Sweet Baby Fairy

 ok. sweet baby fairy. no good for halloween, baby will just pick off all the flowers. but for a beautiful portrait of your baby girl at this age, maybe with you as momma fairy...
mauve, sage green, pastel pink, sheer glitter gold. you'll need a little shimmery face paint...
 wings are fun to make, and fun for you to arrange in your photos...

Sweet 'curly willow' skirt is gold net,green  chiffon w/red iridescence, mauve chiffon and a sheer floral print.

seriously, can you believe how beautifully this skirt hangs??

Grown-up Fairy

 momma fairy is much prettier on a body than hanging on my showroom wall!!!  I made this because I just love babies and toddlers and little girls dresses up in fairy dresses and sometimes they need their momma dressed up, too.  One of my former clients was a $200/hour photographer who had taken the sweetest pictures of mommas and their babies. when else can you do this??

 head garland has hanging bits to arrange in your hair. dress is a fabulous designer (can't say whom) never worn size 14 to which we have temporarily added the fairy overlay--so if you are tiny or larger just use your own dress. the fairy apron is full skirt and bodice strips to halter or 
lie just off the curve of the shoulder- oo la la.
 I'm not sure if you can tell all the fabrics are iridescent and there's loads of glitter all over, very photographic. scout a great foresty location and grab a camera and your baby--sweet!!!
available for sale or rental or redo or whatever, just contact me.
oh! have a fairy party with all your girlfriends and their babies and get everybody's pictures! I can't charge you more if I don't know!

Fire Fairy!!

hot, hot haute! fire fairy has extra fluff for your head garland, or your ankles above your naughty shoes. We also call this one "straight from hell" in case there's an ex- you need to scare (maybe just appearing and disappearing in windows in the middle of the night). Size small woman, can tighten to fit. Contact me to rent or buy or commission something similar. Or to give me all your old bridesmaids dresses for re-invention...

Papaver Raw Silk Tableful of Jewelry

piles of jewelry at a summer sale. not selling the rakes on the wall behind.


Every body knows there are no monsters unless you make them up in your head, but that's fun if you want to play with them, or you can scream until they run away from you because you are so scary. This batch of demon/monsters are available for adoption at the Cedarburg Toy Company in Cedarburg Wisconsin, which is THE BEST SHOPPING TOWN EVER!!  You can find anything.  If you have a demon you need to beat up, choose one of these guys-you can fix you!!
This is SoulPatchCrazyPants. He likes his soft corduroy pants, even if some monsters think they are kind of girly. He has 3 eyes and wild eyebrows but monsters don't trim those. He has 3 fingers on each hand, but only 2 toes on a foot(it's just a monster thing).  
Clyde the Red-faced is soft cushy, 5-legged and striped. He can only see red, white and black, so you have to make sure he can see your teeth and the whites of your eyes when you talk to him.  He loves his super-soft and sparkly hair, especially because it can't be combed(you know monsters).

 Crazee Face Redhead likes the symmetry of three teeth and three  eyes.  What ever you put in her pocket deposits directly into her little tiny monster heart, so be careful what you say. She thinks you will like her super-soft hair as much as  she does.
What can I say about Turq the Wild-man, you've probably already heard, chances are ANY crazy story you've heard about--it was him.  If its a bad idea, Turq will try it. It's a good thing he has body parts of 1970s double knit polyester--that stuff will survive anything.
 Crazy Daizy Fuzz is a doll, a sweetheart, a true friend.  She can see more with her 7 eyes than most monsters with 10 eyes.   She twiddles her horns when she's nervous, and plays with her fuzzy hair when she's happy. She is the giggliest monster on Earth.
Stripey the PinkEyed Crab is such a downer. He needs to be reminded all the time that everything is fine(and to not touch his eyes). Some people are scared of claws, and Stripey is one of them. He wishes his ears didn't roll up, and that he had fingers, but hey, we are what we are. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Fairy's Home

This is the Winter Fairy home. You can see the snow on it and the warm fleecy bed.  Easy for little ones to carry around to find just the right place in their home for the fairy home.
Find this today at Cedarburg Toy Company in Cedarburg Wisconsin.

Woodland Fairy Basket

Cozy fleece bed & pillow and blankie, with green and purple flowers.
All closed up so no one can see your fairy.

Fairy Baskets

So, you know how fairies like to collect pretty things they find in their forest? Well, YOUR fairy found this basket and made a cushy bed and pillow and blanket, then made it look like just another part of the forest by covering it with leaves and flowers.