Wednesday, January 21, 2015

whole family quilt

Parts of the family represented in this family tree quilt:::
mom's aqua corduroy dress with ricrac, mom's tiny flower-embroidered dress, and the classic quilted printed cotton snowsuit.

What a crappy pic? One should be able to read the wonderful song and book quotes that the grandmother wanted embroidered into the quilt. Superman is dad's favorite, the mountains are for one grampa,  the fishing for another.

So this is the complete bottom layer, the trunk & branches are 3 different wrinkly fabrics, just right for a baby to play with little baby fingers. The stars and constellations in the sky are silver and gold metallic thread, and also spell out the baby's nicknames. The soft fleece at the top making a canopy of leaves over the sky has deer heads scattered about (oops) that need to be covered up with fluffy cut-out leaves.
Seriously, a picture taken on an iPad is pretty big, why is this blurry already at this size? ANYHOW! The bottom half of the tree--the grandparent roots, then the parents' roots, which lead up higher into his life. The owl is in a hole from a broken branch, meaning we gain wisdom from our trials and mistakes, and of course the nanny in me had to use a super cute owl, stitched to a leash (so he doesn't get lost) and one side of the owl has wakey eyes and the other side has sleepy eyes, because if we don't teach boys to be good care-takers when they are young they may not be good daddies. That's my theory.

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