Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Brassy, more on this below.
I call this a ladder structure, just a little different than the usual pendant. Lovely Mexican marble, glass, pearls, volcano rock, pewter.

So, sometimes I gather everything the right color and spirit when making jewelry, and then I just can't stop attaching things, has that ever happened to you? Like you think you are making lasagne and suddenly there are 12 vegetables in there and 4 cheeses? Yummy brassy and carnelian and mother of pearl and quartz and brass and tiger's eye and everything but the kitchen sink. If you want half of this, well, yes, I have that too.
LOVE THIS! Could be from the early iron age. Simple fish hook with a brass ring dotted with droplets, with a hollow pewter bead holding on a handmade brown glass bead dote with blue, on top of a tube of pewter being held up by a freshwater pearl, on a copper headpin. Wear with any of these metals.

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