Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Grown-up Fairy

 momma fairy is much prettier on a body than hanging on my showroom wall!!!  I made this because I just love babies and toddlers and little girls dresses up in fairy dresses and sometimes they need their momma dressed up, too.  One of my former clients was a $200/hour photographer who had taken the sweetest pictures of mommas and their babies. when else can you do this??

 head garland has hanging bits to arrange in your hair. dress is a fabulous designer (can't say whom) never worn size 14 to which we have temporarily added the fairy overlay--so if you are tiny or larger just use your own dress. the fairy apron is full skirt and bodice strips to halter or 
lie just off the curve of the shoulder- oo la la.
 I'm not sure if you can tell all the fabrics are iridescent and there's loads of glitter all over, very photographic. scout a great foresty location and grab a camera and your baby--sweet!!!
available for sale or rental or redo or whatever, just contact me.
oh! have a fairy party with all your girlfriends and their babies and get everybody's pictures! I can't charge you more if I don't know!

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