Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Every body knows there are no monsters unless you make them up in your head, but that's fun if you want to play with them, or you can scream until they run away from you because you are so scary. This batch of demon/monsters are available for adoption at the Cedarburg Toy Company in Cedarburg Wisconsin, which is THE BEST SHOPPING TOWN EVER!!  You can find anything.  If you have a demon you need to beat up, choose one of these guys-you can fix you!!
This is SoulPatchCrazyPants. He likes his soft corduroy pants, even if some monsters think they are kind of girly. He has 3 eyes and wild eyebrows but monsters don't trim those. He has 3 fingers on each hand, but only 2 toes on a foot(it's just a monster thing).  
Clyde the Red-faced is soft cushy, 5-legged and striped. He can only see red, white and black, so you have to make sure he can see your teeth and the whites of your eyes when you talk to him.  He loves his super-soft and sparkly hair, especially because it can't be combed(you know monsters).

 Crazee Face Redhead likes the symmetry of three teeth and three  eyes.  What ever you put in her pocket deposits directly into her little tiny monster heart, so be careful what you say. She thinks you will like her super-soft hair as much as  she does.
What can I say about Turq the Wild-man, you've probably already heard, chances are ANY crazy story you've heard about--it was him.  If its a bad idea, Turq will try it. It's a good thing he has body parts of 1970s double knit polyester--that stuff will survive anything.
 Crazy Daizy Fuzz is a doll, a sweetheart, a true friend.  She can see more with her 7 eyes than most monsters with 10 eyes.   She twiddles her horns when she's nervous, and plays with her fuzzy hair when she's happy. She is the giggliest monster on Earth.
Stripey the PinkEyed Crab is such a downer. He needs to be reminded all the time that everything is fine(and to not touch his eyes). Some people are scared of claws, and Stripey is one of them. He wishes his ears didn't roll up, and that he had fingers, but hey, we are what we are. 

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  1. I love all your pillows, Cindy! You are so creative!