Thursday, April 18, 2013


a medley in grey: pewter, mother of pearl, pearls, zebra marble,  coral, quartz, some weird pyrite, river stone.

different light, way different colors...

yellow and bronzey, sweet little bee pendant, nice vintage crystal,
quartz pendant, queen(crown)bee, tea with honey.

hand made glass, bronze, bird's eggs in a nest,
tagua nut, glass pearls,locks and keys...

I'm calling this a 'dainty cluster'.

Love all the natural beads: water buffalo horn, agate, pearl, shell
myrrh, wood, mother of pearl, heat-treated coral, turquoise, bronze,
tagua nut, hand-pressed glass, blackstone, on Greek goat leather.
 Completely adjustable length.

Raku and Japanese ribbons.

Raku fired pendant on irridescent silk with little metal bits.

Sexy drops down the back of the neck helps
 you find the fabulous EASY magnetic clasp.

moon, made of cheese, with bronze, mother
of pearl with that big beautiful heat-treated
coral on a sweet little blue strand

sweet, dainty Raku pendant with pearls, tiny metal beads...

clunky raku pendant with silk cord connecting
stones, hematite, glass pearl, blackstone, water buffalo
 horn. very hard to see the freaky irridescent colors...

marble and crystal and coral and labradorite and carnelian..

a symphony in grey, grey-blue and tan.
cool biwa pearls, mother of pearl, marble, heat treated coral,
hematite, picture jasper, quartz

and detail...

soooo coool-these grey red and blue beads are ancient and
 sand cast in Africa. handmade terra cotta clay with horn, blackstone
on vegetarian leather

again-so odd for me to use actual representational parts!
tiger's eye, pearl, brass, mother of pearl, carnelian, guitar string.

and water buffalo horn. and vintage brass flower with

the biggest GLITZIEST GOLDEN cluster I've ever done. brass, hand-
blown glass, carnelian, horn, Czech crystal, mother of pearl, pearl.

and lemon citron...

marble and glass and smoked quartz and glass and carnelian,

such cool stones! plus a few weird vintage bits, pressed glass...

oooh, fun glass! root beer light is irridescent
 coral and purple with yellow highlights

so many colors all at once! in a drop
lariat to 'tie'. root beery.

"spring" colors- lemon quartz and green pressed
 glass and tiny pinky flowers 


this is the heat-treated coral.the long pearls above are
fabulous gold-peach. the round are a fat roundish gold

another "natural"-with everything from before...

fresh summery yellow-green-blue. that
blue bead is sand-cast African glass

more yellowy photo shows marble pendant, glass, carnelian...

glass and pearls in a dainty cluster...

brass pansy, glass on a tiny silk cord.

gorgeous agate!! and horn and glass and brass and marble and pearl and quartz and carnelian

coral silk cord with magnet clasp, and carnelian faceted beads with coral
 star of David plastic sequins

the coolest purple faceted bead ever. no idea what it is.

shiny seed beads vs matte irridescent seed beads

sweet pinky yellow and green

quartz, pressed glass, rose quartz, pearl,

raku bracelet with big Druzy quartz

diggin' on the blackened raw clay edges...

could not love druzy quartz any more. 

iridescent Czech crystal in red/gold with blue lowlights

actual shape. put hand thru, then pull ribbons tight

love love love

surface of the moon iridescent raku piece

blackened edge, Japanese ribbon

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  1. Absolutely stunning! You never cease to amaze!!!!!