Monday, February 11, 2013


demon(s)ters hiding behind the purple chair, with some help...

Morris the Swash loves to NOT walk.

One-eye Clyde, Flabby Jowett,
Sparkle Lametta &Aqua La Funt pose...

Flossy Rainbow likes the pink stroller.

May B. Lean thinks she doesn't need the straps!

Well, we all know there are no real 
monsters until you think them up,
 and One-eye Clyde was thought up by
a nice young friend of mine 
who draws very well.

Morris the Swash sits for the photo with Tooth E. D'Kay,
May B. Lean & Flossy Rainbow. Look at those smiles!

Sparkle Lametta worries about her teeth
 all the time. They are just too
 soft to eat things like apples.

Aqua LaFunt has such a big smile
 he/she can't stop smiling!

Flossy likes to play with her hair, but then her
momma has to take out the knots. If you
 adopt her, it'll be your job.
A few big demon(s)ters posing, notice ugly
 Periwinkle hiding behind the others.

May likes her blue and yellow jammies because
they match her skin spots. Her ears need to be
 folded back sometimes. She has a lot more hair
under her  hood, but she never takes them off.

Tooth loves his/her jammies because they are
fuzzy and match his/her hair. If you adopt Tooth
you can decide if Tooth is a girl or a boy.

Lobelia Velociraptor has his/her heart on a string,
all the better to play with. His/Her forked tongue will
speak "stories" if you want.

Periwinkle is the ugliest thing I have ever made.
There's just something wrong about this flesh color
and the claws and the eye lashes. But she/he doesn't
care what I think, only what her NEW friend thinks.

Angelina Squidalina chose her name from a certain
 movie star with big lips.  "All the better to kiss you,
my dear" is her favorite thing to say. She's a hoot.

Jou-Jou Frangipani is always happy, in spite of people
looking up her nose all the time.  She has sharp teeth but
she is a vegetarian, She loves when her friends play with
 her hair and put barrettes in it.

Theratrix Gladwell IS both theatrical and glad, almost all
the time. He/She (you decide) loves playing charades

 and and dancing and singing whenever happy.

Taz Aliciousness has three eyes, three horns,
two teeth,a goatee, a moustache and
three eyebrows. He used to
have three teeth, but accidents happen...

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